Headings are a great way to break up content into skimmable sections.

SEO Tip: It also helps search engines better understand what is important in a page so use keywords where possible, but don't over do it.

Below is an example of the Heading ContentBlocks field

ContentBlock Field Demo


Heading Content
Sub Heading

Accessibility and HTML standards say to only use a Heading 1 once. This should be handled by the MODX template, so only use levels 2-4

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

When creating content, group common information and sub information together with headings and sub headings

Primary Topic

Intro paragraph

Sub Topic

Sub Topic Paragrah

Basic Content of Heading tag

Many (but not all) text fields have a mini text editor for minimal formatting and adding links

Aligns Heading to

  • Left
  • Center
  • Right

Sub Heading

Add a sub heading, this is often restyled from site to site.


Use sparingly if at all - this is for edge cases where the CSS style rules don't produce the consistent look and feel intended. If you're using this setting often, contact support so it can fixed in the CSS rules.


Used in conjunction with Buttons or other elements to link directly to this heading as an in-page link.


Kicker text is a line of type set above a headline usually in a different typeface and intended to provoke interest in, editorialize about, or provide orientation for the matter in the copy heads.

SEO Tip : Can also add a keyword here for better Google Exposure

Heading Content Block Field