Carousel Gallery

The Carousel Gallery is a quick way to show some photos in a carousel slideshow.

ContentBlock Field Demo

You may upload or choose images in a number of ways.

The easiest is to drag-n-drop directly from your desktop in the Content Block.

  • Choose - choose from uploaded files in your asset directory.
  • Upload - Upload via the manager files interface.
  • From URL - You may also paste a URL of an image online. This will import, not hotlink, the image into your website.

You may edit the title text here, by default it will use the image file name. This is used as alt text as well as title text for accessibility.

You may also drag-n-drop reorder the images.

  • Dots - Navigational Dots below the carousel
  • Loop - Play once or continuously
  • Arrows - Navigational arrows on or off
  • Slides Shown at a time - How many slides to show at once.
  • Auto Play - Start playing or let user navigate
  • Auto Play Speed - How fast to show the slides
  • Margin Top - Pixels to move carousel down
  • Margin Bottom - Pixels to move content below carousel down
  • Transition Time - milliseconds for slides to transition
  • Height - Pixels high for the carousel images
  • Width - Pixels width for the carousel images

A note on height and width - the carousel resizes based on device width, these are settings for the source images only.

Carousel Gallery