Carousel is a way to display photo with text over top with multiple slides

ContentBlock Field Demo

Add an additional carousel item and all fields required.

This is helpful for those with accessibility needs as well as helping search engines better understand your content.

This uses the Rich Text Field and all it's options and capabilities.

As a recommendation, use Heading 2 and 3 for the text of your carousels so that text is easier to read and stands out.

This works similarly to the Image Field for uploading. Simply drag-n-drop the image from your desktop or choose a file on your website assets folder.

Additionally there is a slight background darkening done so that the text stands out better. If you don't want any text or darkening done, use the Carousel Gallery field.

This is a special Image field if you want to add a logo or SVG file as your text. like did here below.

NHED Overlay Image Example

  • Speed - In seconds how fast to show slides
  • ID - a special ID to target the carousel with other code (advanced)