Button Group

This field extends the Button field with multiple segments to a single button element.

ContentBlock Field Demo

By default the first item is added, click this button to add more button segments.

Paste in any fully qualified URL (http://) or start typing a resource name if it's within the MODX site and select from the drop down.

Button example

This is the text displayed.

Tip: Never use label text as "Click Here" , try and use meaningful, descriptive, actionable labels when possible.

  • Signup Now
  • Learn More
  • Explore Programs
  • etc

There is an additional add item button at the bottom of the block as well.

Each button segment is dragable for re-ordering. They are not interchangable with other button groups however.

  • Size - Changes the overall size of the button
  • Align - Changes alignment of the button group as a whole
  • GA Event Label - Used for Google Analytics Page Event Tracking. Add a value to track this specific button click.
  • Priority - Changes the style of the button based on website theme settings.